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Thread: Craps?

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    My favorite of the two table games I'm willing to play at a casino - the other being blackjack if they aren't shuffling the deck every hand. Its just straight up fun and some people know how to throw the dice right so it can pay to find a table with a hot player. Also feel free to comment on your bowel movements if you feel the need - I don't right now, perhaps later.

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    When I lived and worked in Vegas, I use to play low limit craps at the Horseshoe casino all the time on the week-ends.

    It's a great game once you understand all the bets but the best part about craps that isn't offered with any other casino game is you can bet with the house as well as against the house (i.e DON'T bets). But it IS fun when you find a hot shooter. I've won hundreds off of them a few times when I was out there.

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    Anothe Craps Oficianado... Love this game.. wish someone would write a multiplayer online version... I'd Never SLEEP!!!

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