continue slashing of the thin figure. a kind of outbreak rushed forward speed. "Maxi Ta. now. that I pay with your blood brothers life." Poof. Maxi Ta react in time to stop play. and that long knife with incredible speed over the command of his severely blocked. faster step in piercing his abdomen. In the pull out of the moment. Maxi Ta has been completely darkened eyes.

blood spewing out. splashing off ZONG Wei one. Hold handle off ZONG Wei. the whole face was dark. terrible. As a leader in the Maxi Ta killed. it is worse. Listen to hang soon. a member of the fire thorn throwing knives. chain reaction. other members of the fire thorn is no longer recalcitrant nature. Sometimes. life is more than loyalty to the important. Thorn in the first member of the fire threw Weaponry moment.
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