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    Come on now, seriously?

    Is there any such thing as poker etiquite anymore? I mean when theres a hand going on in progress, and your out of it, you dont go and say your hand while the hands still in progress. I was in client in a hand against sequential7. He pre floped raised me, and i called, and ya1700 folded. the flop came out to like 229. I had absoultly nothing so I just put out a small bluff, and he hesitates, then calls. well right after he calls, and when the turn comes, ya comes on and was like "I got a 2" Im like wtf. I check , he raises and i fold. I could care less about the points as they meant nothing (costed me like 50 out of a 1k stack.) but come on, I thought anyone should no that. Here is the chat log, excuse my language, but i couldn't believe it.

    Dealer: Starting Hand #667246-48
    Dealer: hereztowinz, you have 10 seconds to act
    ya1700: i have 2
    hereztowinz: hey dumba**, dont say shi* tll the hands over.
    Dealer: sequential7 wins Pot (81)

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    Can copy and paste the chat and send off to site security. As far as etiquette, that is about as it gets.
    "When a man with money meets a man with experience, the man with experience leaves with money and the man with money leaves with experience." anonymous quote

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    i see this crap all the time and its agrevating. no respect for the people still in the hand. dam kids

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    yep yep yep, it's all going to hell in a handbasket.

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    yes when people do that it is very annoying they should just be kicked out from the poker site

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    thats the thing.....those kinda people who see flops and go....oh fuck i folded the "2" its like could u even play a certain hand unless obv ur tryin to float pre or tryin to make some kinda move.......they arent poker players.....they are simple retards....they dont understand the game....they obv have no respect for the players at the table....and u can obv tell they dont play in any real "casino games" or any big cash games/mtts!!!!

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    lmao, yeah i see what the problem is there, kinda unfair seeing as you could be trying to bluff something and they make it more unrealistic that you've hit something.

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