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Thread: Blocking me!

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    Blocking me!

    Hi all! I'm in shock !!!!! in general ... it was like reading a message to participants of our group, I learned that the Stars can not have more than one account, I remembered that when, long ago created the ACC and drove to conventional chips, then abandoned, forgotten password, and created novyy.I here to avoid potential problems, I called the help desk with a request to remove that unwanted, and they delivered my request to the service bezopasnosti.Sluzhba security, not much thought has blocked my account and asked to send a scan of water. permits vyslal.poprosili send photos along with a certificate, to compare face, vyslal.Zatem asked to send a photo or a scan of another identity gos.obraztsa.potom sent a notification that my account (with BR, and a trip to the final, "game of life "I honestly extracted after passing through 15ti tys.friroll) blocked FOREVER! And I continue to be banned from creating new accounts on starzah.Delo is that e-mail which I pointed out at registration, registered on dr.cheloveka, and they decided that zaregan one but igraetdrugoy.Koroche I wanted to be honest, but I was for it to bashke.Vot a story lads.

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    what did u say?cant get what ya text is about..blocked account?what?!?

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    That is the problem with translators. The English language is very complex to compute.

    Basically, OP created 2 accounts, they asked for verification with a bill (water, electric, etc)
    the first (main) account had something on it (can't figure that part out, something about 15 freerolls) and since weber has decided not to verify the account (not sure why) both are banned.

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    sounds like a waste of time to me.

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    I did not understand a word you said. Good thing Assistanc3 translated it. Sounds like fraudulent activity to PS i guess

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