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    I whine like a 5 year old girl
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    Cool anyone else waiting for a infiniti cashout from today?

    been over 4 horus just wondering if anyone has got they'res from today or not?
    <TONelson> F'real I am glad you are still a MOD here man. You give a shit. That matters

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    TON is Gone.
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    So... let me see if I have this right G.

    You cashed out on infiniti a couple of days ago. Sickread even asked you about that in yesterdays thread., funny you ignored the question.

    Yesterday you didn't have any money and couldn't pay your debt.

    Today you got donked for your last 63 as you mentioned in chat.

    Tell me again why I shouldn't flat out call you a damn liar?
    TON is GONE. Blame the Mods. They stopped caring, or at least that's how it looks and feels.

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    im still waitin f for since few days ago lmao

    it was cancelled but i dont see those funds netiher. i got fucked. bcp fucked me now infiniti fucked me. now juicy wont let me transfer funds.

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