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    An elderly man goes into his doctors office for an annual physical. After a while, the doctor comes out and says, "I'm sorry Bill, but we have discovered you have a condition which only allows you another 6 weeks to live."

    "But Doctor," Bill replied, "I feel great. I haven't felt better in years. This just can't be true. Isn't there anything I can do?"

    After a moment the doctor said, "Well, you might start going down the street to that new health spa and take a mud bath every day."

    Excitedly Bill asked, "And that will cure me?"

    "No," replied the doctor, "but it will get you used to the dirt."

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonad120 View Post
    ... "No," replied the doctor, "but it will get you used to the dirt."

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    who is this guy playing the drums lol hes not dressed appropriately

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    lol I don't know the video xD hahahahaha I think is very funny video! thanks! D

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    probably for a wedding or some shyt.

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