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    Russian Roullette (r n r)

    r and r started in russia, im sure u all know what it is. I have been trying to figure out why the russians and eastern europians play poker so insanely with no regard of being knocked out. I had 3 reasons. 1. genetic and in their nature. 2. birds of a feather flock together. 3.the cold environment and living conditions unlike the usa. thinking about the game of r n r , i bet they take pride in the game even though most dont play. so my current conclusion is that it is genetic and their nature to play without fear and even logic. i am playing 4 brms at ft a day and it is at least 75% composed of russian and east europe. so instead of risking a life in the real game of r n r, they do it in freeroll poker. I believe they take pride in the way they play. i believe this is the main reason. excess vodka might be the culprit in a few cases. actually, being an ex good golfer, i know that a few drinks can help u in golf. it is illegal on tour and most amateur tourneys to drink during the round. alcohol can steady the nerves and make u fearless. in golf there is a saying, " a scared dog cant hunt" one more thought , in a cold place people drink alcohol to warm up, so for all i know a huge % may be drinking while playing poker.

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    kinda a good pooint but i think that when your playing brm 90% dont care and ill bet half of those russians have bankrolls and still aim for that $10 payout once a year

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