Princess Di and Dolly Parton both die and go to heaven. When they arrive there they are greeting at the pearly gates by St. Pete. He explains to them that there is only room for one of them and that they are gonna have to show a reason why they think they belong.

Dolly thinks about it for a moment and rips open her blouse showing her breasts.

St. Pete replies "wow Dolly, that's impressive. What about you princess DI?"

Di thinks about it for a second, opens her purse and pulls out a disposable douche.

St. Pete replies "That's it Princess Di, you're in"

Dolly freaks out and says " Wait a minute, I showed you my boobs. All's she did was show you a douche. What's the deal?

St. Pete replies. " Didn't you know Dolly? A royal flush beats a pair any day".