This is a nice video i found on youtube

This topic as always been dismissed like the sightings of UFOs. People will put it down to bad beats, again and again and again. TV super stars make the game look so trust worthy but there not sat down at a computer making companies rich, there sat down in tournements that have been paid for by an online POKER ROOM sponser. Why does a poker star where a POKERSTARS hat? For you to download the software of course. Please do not be fooled by online poker, the real players of this world will tell you not to play online and if you do stay well clear of CASH GAMES. Online poker also has computerised bots that people programme to only play certain hands, there are many flaws in the online poker industry. I've already seen the decline in the amount of players in many big poker site tournies, I think people are starting to take note that we can't label them all "BAD BEATS"