Not sure if anyone are fans of The Guild, but Jeff Lewis is from it and has also started his own project. His character Vork is the funniest character on The Guild that I regularly watch. I've watched the first two of his new comedy series and it's pretty damn good. I also watched a live stream in which he was a guest, and he was hilarious. I got one of my questions and one of my shout outs through. The first, jokingly, I said "Jeff Lewis, you stir up emotions in me I've never had for a man," and he replied "I'm highly aroused TheBeesKnees. We should meet up tomorrow." The second was, "What would Vork do if he won the lottery," and he replied some weird random idea. I guess I threw him a curveball. He said, "Fuck it. Wait, let me think," then he finally said his character on The Guild probably would just bury the money in the ground, which I could totally picture, lol.

Jeff Lewis 5 Minute Comedy Hour