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    Thumbs down its not possible ,,,,,but seemms true

    430895_285762208193449_1645223176_n.jpg i cant belive the things who happens sometimes with guns ,,,,, i agree if u have a gun to protec ur family ,, but i dont agree with this people that have gunsonly for fun ,,,
    im bikkeromano

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    hahahaha this is funny stufff lollllllllllll

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    Ummm whtf? (why the face?) maybe in the worng thread I guess....

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    I think every USA citizen should have at least 1 gun, but the motherfucking gun can only shoot 6 shots. GO get 50 guns, 6 shots each,

    The auto assaults are bullshit, and are only for dudes with small DICKS, you know who you are, if you have 1.
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    xDDDD hahaha I thik is funny video thanks man!!! DDD

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