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Thread: The Hippy

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    The Hippy

    A hippy gets on a bus and sits next to a nun. He asks to have sex with her, but she says no because she's a nun, and quickly gets off at her stop. The bus driver turns around and says to the hippy ' I know how you can have sex with the nun'
    The hippy says 'How' and the bus driver responds 'She goes to pray at the cemetery at midnight every night.'
    The hippy goes to the cemetery dressed as Jesus and hides behind a tree. Soon enough, he see's the nurse and goes up to her, asking her to have sex. She tells him that she needs to take it up the butt so that she doesn't lose her virginity. He does it, and after they're done, he takes off his mask. He says 'Haha, I'm the hippy'
    Then, the nun takes off her mask and says 'Haha, I'm the bus driver'

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    Now thats good stuff right there. Woman walks into a CVS and ask the clerk "where's the deodorant isle, I need to buy some for my husband" the clerk asks " the ball kind?" she says " no, the kind for under his arms".

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