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Thread: april fools

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    april fools

    Ur honor, m 90 yrz old.. So thr i ws sitin on th front at my porshe on a warm spring evenin wh a young man came creepin up on th porshe nd sat beside me.

    He started rubbin my thighs and it felt good ur honor, so i didnt and cudnt stop him. He began 2 rub my old swollen breast ur honor. Why, your honor i havent felt that in ages so i just spread my old legs nd said 2 him:

    "take me young man, take me!!"

    ah!! Can u imagine ur honor, he thn yelled "APRIL FOOL!!"...
    and thats when i shot the son of a bitch!!

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    a post that was truly worth reading if your life is this boring

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    sound good.. too bad u wrote that hard to read

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