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    Three white men were captured by a bunch of Indians. They were taken to the Indian's tribe and forced to wait for the chief. A day later the chief came in the tee-pee and said, "We are going to kill you, but I'll give you a choice. You can either kill yourself, make it short and quick, or we can kill you but it's a long process and very painful. No matter what you do, we're going to use your skins to make canoes. What is your decision?"
    The first man said, "I'll kill myself, give me a gun." So the Indians gave him a gun and the first whiteman shot himself in the head and died.
    The second man said, "I'll kill myself, give me a knife." So the Indians gave him a knife and the second whiteman stabbed himself in the heart and died.
    The third man said, "I'll kill myself, give me a fork." The chief looked confused and asked, "Are you sure? A knife or gun would be quicker." The man said no and told the chief to just give him the fork. Once the fork was in his hands he started stabbing himself repeatedly, saying over and over again, "You ain't making no canoe out'a me!!!"

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    is good although a bit macabre, I really like black humor

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    ROLMAO. Reminds me of the kind of jokes my uncle used to tell me when I was younger.

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    1. A gun would be used to kill some Indians.
    2. There is a 1/3 chance to survive a stab to the heart (as long as the heart is still beating).
    3. The Indians will probably make a leather coated bench in the canoe and sit on your face instead.

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