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    Cool WPT Bay 101: Jonathan Little, Kara Scott & Chris Ferguson Fight for $1,000,000

    The second day at the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star in San Jose, California has come to a close. After a number of bust outs only 170 players remain. The top female player is Kara Scott, who ranks 12th place with 137,100 chips. Also in the top 30: Chris Ferguson, Layne Flack and Mike Matusow. Phil Ivey has already been sent to the rails.

    The WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star Event in San Jose, California drew a total of 415 players to the tables. Each paid a buy-in of $10,000, giving a prize pool of $3,942,500. The special thing about this tournament is that there's a bounty for every shooting star.

    So anybody who throws a famous player out of the event finds themselves $5,000 richer.

    The winner at the WPT Bay 101 gets a $25,500 WPT seat, as well as prize money of $1,013,500. Second place won't be disappointed either, taking home roughly $600k, while third place comes away with just over $370k.

    With such a massive prize pool, it's no surprise that a host of professional players have registered - and that a number of them have already been eliminated.


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    Sounds like a very cool tournement. I wish I had an extra ten grand laying around to sign up for something like that. Of course, I would be the fish at whatever table I sat at.

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