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    Worst Bad Beat Ever?

    I'm sure there are many bad beats and more often then we really know, and I'm not sure if the contributor to this video realized one of the main characters playing is Matt Affleck and not Ben Affleck. If this video has been posted before, I apologize for the repeat.

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    Elite PokerOwned Member vali1212's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    is that phil hellmuth son?hard but i swear it's funny
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    First I saw of this one, thanks for the post or repeat post for those into reruns. If was good the first time then a second gander can't be all bad. Same could be said for leftovers, who minds when they tasted good the first time. Ok enough from me now.
    "When a man with money meets a man with experience, the man with experience leaves with money and the man with money leaves with experience." anonymous quote

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    interesting vid

    as far as it being worst bad beat ever .... ummm no

    6 outs on the flop ... 10 outs on the turn

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    oh my god, he really get mad about that 8

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    remember poker is game of variance ..and when u play tons of tournies u will see so many badbeats ,,that they all seem advice is to know for a fact that poker is a game of chance and theres nothing u can really do ...but get lucky its its meant to be...

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    PokerOwned Master pzz901's Avatar
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    hey that looks like me been there done that yea so what whoopdie doooooooooo

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    well my worst bad beat ever like a pokerplayer is AKhh vs 23ss flop As Kd 4s Ad 5s hahahahahaha

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    Jun 2012
    My worst live was about 2 months ago was the sickest thing ever, was a home game 50c-$1 nlh, $60-$100 bi, 3 rb's at $60 10hr stretch. Im sb get kk snapp it to to $12 quick I think 2 ppl limped bb pops it to $25 I call I was on about $160, bb was runnen good and had like $180, limpers fold and we see flop is ak9 I bet pot he snap calls tk I do the old actors grammy award winning stall head scratch look over and say fuck it dude im all in, dude says u sure mmhhmmm he says ok I call, flip my quads he flips aa, yep incredible river a. quad kings to quad a's. Worst online was deep in a plo8, itm might have been final table not sure yada yada on PS river gave me quad q's and gave him a st8 flush. Ehh thats poker an those are real bad beats. I think the more u play the more u see. shrug it off nothing u can do about it, not much to learn, I've handed out some top notch bad beats comes with the game haha!

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    the way i see it i would be pissed too he did the same thing i would have

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