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    Worse real life Tilt (Caused from Online Poker)

    Ok so what's the worse thing you have done playing online poker that you did in REAL LIFE.

    I'll give you an example.

    I was deep in a tournament, got towards the bubble and my AK lost to another AK with a 4 card flush.

    Got so tilted I grabbed my coffee cup and chucked it (Hitting my window and cracking it)
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    Wow lol i've never had as serious of a thing like yours. But my worst one is having a cigarette while i was playing got dealt AA all in vs kk river King the cigarette got snapped in half lol

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    at least you were in the bubble

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    o wow i just took a really bad beat from an IDIOT in a money buy in tourney jus now and i,m still siting staring at the screen aw lolol i had KINGS and guy called my all in with A 2 offsuit and of course made an ace , so bad, O welllllli,m sad now lol

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    That was funny, but if you got nothing on board it should be Instant Fold, AK is not really the best hand so you should take a fold and try for another hand.
    Even thought you are short stacks you might have a slightly chance to build up your stacks.
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    Went through a bunch of mouses or is it mice ??? lol

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    That's not so unusual to see, I already threw a lot of things on the wall after a bad beat. Some friends of mine already broked their monitors doing that, but I never lost control like that.

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