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    Why when i have pocket aces i allways bad bet?

    what is the possible move if you have a pocket aces? Can you help me with it because I hallways bad bet when I all in in the preflop..

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    Normally how I play Aces I usually 3bet BB's. Keep up a continuation bet. When I get aces on small blind and dealer has more chips than you I would min bet and hope u get pushed. On BB if no one bets around raise that shit up

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    really depends, on your position, and who youre playing against,
    if you notice you have a table of aggressive players and you are under the gun
    you might be able to get away right a bigger raise
    but if youre playing against very tight players just call all double the blind,

    with pocket aces its always good to raise and get rid of any k,4 / 10,7 players incase they hit a lucky straight/flush on the flop

    the idea is to be cautious of what hands can beat you when you see the flop and adjust your play style to be advantages against the type of players you are playing.
    so study them!

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    Are you referring to cash table? MTT?

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