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    Why do some raise every hand?

    It happens alot online and almost everyone is at or has been at a table where someone raises every hand. I can see if your on a run but why do it when your on a bad run? I watched as someone built there stack to up over 15k last night and then when the bad stretch hit they didnt know how to quit and still kept raising every hand and ended up busting out the same way they built the stack.

    So i guess my point is why raise every hand? especially when you see your on a downward spiral? Is there even a reason to raise every hand regardless of the trash holdings? Guess im just trying to figure out the logic behind it.. benefits vrs pitfalls.
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    I guess to stay tricky and not know what they have look up small ball poker on youtube thats the style they are playing

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    I think the rationale is that if you do the same thing every time, nobody knows when you have the real hand and you can draw someone into making a bad move with a moderate hand. But generally when I've seen that kind of person in a tourney or on a cash table, it doesn't pay off in the long run.
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    let em they mostly always go broke which is good for everyone. I hate it but hey if im the one to catch em slippin i say keep raising.

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    It's called Loose Aggressive. The further you go in a tournament the better the players. They are the ones who can pick apart a bad L AG player.

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    Some players are easily bored. They want to play poker like it's a video game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteRabbit View Post
    Some players are easily bored. They want to play poker like it's a video game.
    Casino + Video Poker = Carbon BR Gone

    just made some money on BCP tho.
    woot woot

    anyways. Its kind of a good strategy and then not. sometimes it works great for a few players here its just the ones who know what to do with the stacks you gotta watch for. I try this here and there and usually end up playing the fool
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    Cause some people don't know how to play the game?

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    I think that the reason is that they getting bored a little bit and trying to catch someone with quite a big portion of luck. Believing that they puzzle hand on flop and try to press some aggression into their opponents.

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    I'm kind of lost on your question are they in every hand and raising or are they raising every hand they go in with.I mean if hand is good enough to bet ,why not raise it gives you a chance to take down the blinds or win a bigger pot.

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