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    whod be interested in having some strategy sessions via skype?

    as a few of you know i have been running a 200$ a day stake for a website and its not going so well. im down 280ish dollars after 3 days and its pissin me off. most of the losses are from the 12.5k rebuying 2 times twice. missing a flush draw tonight 30 or so spots from the money. flopping top 2 on an AQ3 board and guy has QQ. just some either bad plays on my part or some bad luck. either way its gettin me down a little.

    now on to the point of this thread. im looking for a few ppl to share some hands either here or via skype. discuss general strategy of how the hands were played, whether they were played good or bad. and how to play a certain hands if the same situations occur. also looking for someone to let me ghost them and see if i pick up some general hints, or some strategy on how to better my play for bcp mtts.

    im not looking for someone to show me how to donk. where i feel i lack is in picking up small pots when my cards go dead so im not low stacked deep in a tourney. bet sizing, stealing, and making good general reads. if anyone has any interest in trying to help me improve i welcome either advice or a skype session or 2. hit me up here or on bubble. i have a good opportunity and im falling just short of cashing too regularly.

    thanks in advance,


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    imho...put in a little more volume for a better sample and email/skype 'them'.
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    good idea, and I'd love to sit in on one, when I get Skype up and running

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    what if you dont have skype? what is the next option?

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    I'd be down to go over some hands/situations with you. I used to coach/stake a few people in microstakes games to some success (pre BF), and did HH reviews in my spare time. If you want to send me a few HHs for review, let me know, and I'll PM you my email.
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    its a good idea, i need some kind of coaching because my game is too loose.

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