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    what are the for AK vs QQ

    what are the for AK vs QQ

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    What? Make sure what you're saying makes sense before you post it

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    I think he is asking what the odds for AK vs. QQ
    There are a few different answers since the suits aren't specified.
    AK(s) 46% Both Spades Vs. Q(h)Q(d) 53%
    If one the Q's match the suited AK the Win Percentage on QQ increase slightly.
    A(d)K(c) 42.66% Vs.Q(s)Q(h) 56.99%
    A(d)K(h)43% Vs.Q(s)Q(h) 56.55%
    This should be pretty close, Pocket Queens are about 7 to 13% more likely to win than AK*

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    Quote Originally Posted by PokerTony View Post
    what are the for AK vs QQ
    If you are asking what the equity percentages for AK vs QQ are, then 44% for AK and 56% for QQ. The program PokerStove is an equity calculator you can mess around with on your own to find those percentages. Not just single hands, you can do one range of hands vs another range of hands on different boards. Its a pretty handy program if you know how to use the information, and it was free when I downloaded it some time ago.

    If that isn't the question you are asking, then I have no idea what you are looking for lol.

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