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    Wall of shame???

    Is it up to date?

    If it is obviously plenty here dont care they owe others ALOT of points. With almost 200 names on that list, you see plenty of them names around in post and in the games. IMO its just a list of degenerate gamblers with no sense of gambling on there own merit or points. Way too much borrowing and then going to client going on and most arent learning anything cause they are playing on someone elses points. To borrow enough to play a PO fr is one thing but to borrow1k or more is kind of ridiculous.. If they couldnt earn them points in the first place what makes anyone think they are going to pay back a loan? IMO you shouldnt be allowed in client or PO games if you borrow anything more then one(or 2) games worth of points. Alot of the names are pretty familiar and some is/was around constantly..

    So whats the point of this post? I dunno maybe just to bring it out in the open, maybe just the 5 points altho this is pretty long for just that.. Its just funny how play things(points) mimic real life. I find it hard to believe that any on that list would ever pay any of there loans in real life. some would maybe but i just find that list very disturbing..
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    It is very up to date, the minute they default they turn red.
    It is pretty disgusting, huh?

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    The point of the wall of shame is to SHAME Them Also, it lets me know who not to add to promotions like B2B, WSOPokerOwned etc..
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    abwil you are right, some really don?t care what they do and especially don?t care if they will be able to pay back a loan.

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    its a shame if your name is on the shame board. shame on you and go paid you debt you dead beat.

    This is getting old. Were sick and tired of the Spurs owning us. This is the year we ride up to the challenge, Get the monkey off our back! We Believe GO Dubbssss!!

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    To bad one can't nominate someone's name to the wall for all the chat drama they cause. joshpad would be a LOCK!
    TON is GONE. Blame the Mods. They stopped caring, or at least that's how it looks and feels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TONelson View Post
    To bad one can't nominate someone's name to the wall for all the chat drama they cause. joshpad would be a LOCK!
    interesting VERY interesting

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    I wonder if this is true at all. That would be a horrible thing to do. Oh no. I hope they don't.

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