I've got another cool upgrade idea that could get points moving around, give some of the new members another way to earn points, and even let members who can't do the surveys earn points.

I was going to start a thread last night called "Tiarra's Tasks", not to compete with "Zab's task", but to let others earn some points, and have a way for me to spend some of my points and get some value in return. My idea was to pay willing members small amounts of points (about the equivalent of watching a video) for doing various jobs for me. These could be anything from following me on Twitter, to posting video on their Facebook account, to commenting on a blog post I've written, to Re-tweeting an important tweet for me, etc. etc.

My idea was to pay between 1 and 10 points depending on how complicated the task was. Alas, I realized that it wouldn't work, since the market has a minimum trade of 100 pts.

Which brings me to my new upgrade idea -- a members tasks section. Here, members could post their own tasks, and how much they are willing to pay in points to other members who perform them. The code from the marketplace could be used, but trades would be for 1-99 points (anything over 99 points can be handled in the market). I would love to be able to pay members points for retweeting, posting vids, thumbs-upping comments, etc.

Perhaps other members would like to have the opportunity to earn or spend points in this way as well?