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Thread: tourneys

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    so ive been getting very unlucky by calling aq all ins late in tourneys im way ahead and then get unlucky should I just fold

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    To give a better answer one would need much more information... I don't like getting it in with AQ early on in tourneys but late in tourneys with a short to medium'ish stack I don't think its bad at all. Again it depends on many variables like opponents, position, avg stack, pay jumps, etc etc. And in poker u never wanna have the mindset that "im folding X hand in X spot because I get unlucky with it"
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    If it's late in the tournament and you're short stacked, I'd say AQ is really good to play. You also could just be having a bad run for the moment.

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    I agree with Wild on the short stack / late scenario, but then also think about how you keep getting short stacked late in the tourney (if that is the repeated variable). I really don't understand why folks think AQ is a suitable all-in preflop hand - I've been seeing that so much lately, and I just can't understand where it's coming from. My overall recommendation would be to read up on strategy a bit - Harrington on Hold'em Vol. 1 would be a good place to start

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    If possible stay away from the ALLIN strategy , only 2 things can happen when you do, win or lose!
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