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    Top Knockout po thread

    i love koing turk or boultright..if i get either 1 in the fr and i win my llb as can have the fr winnings..i am past that point, list your favorite ko for fun dont get to today

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    I like KO'ing bounties and the champ, and any1 with 'time' in there name. lol

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    my favorite KO would be 19neverumind57

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drywallman3 View Post
    my favorite KO would be 19neverumind57
    woww u made the point!!!

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    I want to knock out stephymarie... just because...

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    Quote Originally Posted by prime14k View Post
    I want to knock out stephymarie... just because...
    Good luck with that lol people try all the time but I knock them out instead i'm so good at it hehe

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    I would like to knock out the master Zab. He the man.

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