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    thanks experienced PO trollers

    thanks for your help . can get quite confusing on here... its not that easily layed out... guess that what the FAQs are for

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    anytime baby I'm still a n00b and still figuring all this out on my own. The mods are too busy dealing with nonsense lol

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    This site can be confusing when you first join, if you have any questions or need help feel free to pm me. I apologize if anyone made you feel you couldn't.

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    You can private message me as well, I will help with what I can, I'm also available on bubble chat or main shat or main chat private.

    JDS boobytrap spelled backwards is partyboob
    PooffyFooffy omg I need to play there more, were u in da game?
    JDS @PooffyFooffy no Pooffy its just a fun fact

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    If you get stuck again, asking in the chat is a great way to get lots of answers.

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    I too am free for help, just a low cost of 10 po points/minute (its cheaper than MFC)
    Edit* free meaning time, not cost
    Turtleboooy: lol when i come on i think f*** that Doc guy but i dont know why...haha

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    Best place to start is in the new players threads. I never needed a mentor or anything like that. Little bit of learning curve but as long as you can read directions this site is pretty easy. I'm sure there is a lot of stuff I don't know that a mentor could help me learn but for a casual PO player I do just fine.

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    we have some good peeps here, they will do their best to help, gl on earning pts and playing the fr

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