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    Statistical database

    While I love the ITM% for gauging an opponents consistency and skill, especially for side bets; I often wonder how many total tournaments the player has to get that percentage. A bad player could get lucky win his third tourney and the ITM% would show him/her as a 33% to cash, when it may be unlikely they will cash again anytime soon. Is there a database here at PO that shows more comprehensive and concise info? Does Carbon poker have a record of players winnings similar to how pokerstars has "" ?

    P.S. I know this isn't the ideal section for this thread, but I was unable to start a thread in "PokerOwned talk and upgrades" which it appears is for announcements only.

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    Just go by how much money they have won if its low with a high itm then of course they haven't played many

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    Yeah i wish there was a statistic that showed how many games(played) and with ITM%
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    I have to agree with lcdaboss, just look at the stats for money won.

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    why somebody has to look up stats on every poker player that they play is beyond me...i mean is it going to give that much more insight? will it give you a "tell" ?i know this it wont give you much more info that you cant observe by just simply paying attention to the table youre playing at rather then spend the time looking at your sharkscope data..

    You won't have access to that kind of data playing live.....

    worry about your game and not other peoples!!

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