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    Spin and go startegy

    Whats the best strategy to play spin and go-es? Rather play tight or rather more agressive?

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    Agressive makes more sense, u cant wait for monsters with 25 BB at beginning.
    But my opinion is, be aggressive when u r first to do the action, dont limp, and do only carefully open shoves from the other players.
    Especially at the low limit spin and gos u find very many allin fishes, shoving with every fucking hand, when they see, they caught only a double-up-spin and go. When u hold a Monster dont slowplay it, hoping sb will shove. bet 4-6 BB when u have more than 15 BB and shove when u are shorter. with minbetting or 3BB too many players call and cant folding when they hit a bottom pair or flopping draws. play as aggressive as preflop, or shove there here when u r first in action.
    when u hit a higher one, play aggressive too. u can steal there many blinds, cause most players are money scared or too respectful of the prizepool they could win, so they fold very often.

    thats the way i use to play them, but thats not very often. I dont like this kind of play, its too much bingo for me. And u rarely hit a high prized one.

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    You can play them however you want. It always helps to get lucky and run well.
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    i play passvage at the beginning,because the blind is small.
    when the blind grows,you will more player will be knock off when this session.
    when hands up,try to bluff all the times and wish you're more lucky then the other. that's all.

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