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Thread: Skill or Luck?

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    Skill or Luck?

    The question is and i still am not sure is poker skill or luck?

    Thoughts? Discuss

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    Seasoned Veteran usertesting22's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    I'd say 50\50 for sure. I mean, theres no mistaken that pros make it longer in the tournaments, but over the long haul many newbies knock them out with pure luck. Pro's get their money in usually with the best odds

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    Nov 2010
    most people will say it luck but by no means is this true players are not lucky when they make a bad call or make a bad bet i think poker is all about skill knowing how much to bet and to who to raise on and of coarse knowing when to fold these are all things that we practice and have nothing to do with luck 52 cards in a deck knowing the pot odds and when and where to bully if practiced enough becomes skill so in my opinion skill will get you further in a tourntment then luck
    the question may be are you a GAMBLER or a POKER PLAYER

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    I think in my experience people only remember the bad beats. They forget all the times when their hands held up (easy to forget) but always remember the 3 outters on the river etc. (These always stick out).

    I would say skill overtakes luck without question.

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    Deffinetly 50/50, it takes luck to get a good hand, but you also have to know what your doing if you choose to stay with your hand

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    More than 50\50, not luck the same guys win braclets over the long haul. I think if you put 4 pros vs 4 newbies at a table, 3\4 of the pros win out

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    I'm with Fluffer here, if it was 50/50 then it should be randoms winning at WPT that have no clue what they are doing.

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    Jul 2010
    Depends - if youre a newbie that goes all-in before flop then yes, its all about luck.

    But IMO its all about skill and knowing the player.

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    30% luck and 70% skill. If it was 50/50, then why do why we see the same people at the finals? As you can see, if you're skilled, no matter the hand, you may trick your opponent.

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    Alittle of both, sometimes the skill just doesn't cut it and you gota dump when you have not many blinds left, the way of the game.

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