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Thread: for sickread

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    for sickread

    Game started at: 2013/10/7 21:21:36
    Game ID: 206332628 750/1500 BIG10 - $4,000 GTD - 6-Max, Table 5 (Hold'em)
    Seat 5 is the button
    Seat 2: Diglett (89394).
    Seat 3: Skrillazilla (40459).
    Seat 4: Duffman007 (40802).
    Seat 5: horse62278 (68232).
    Seat 6: brokefinger (32339).
    Player brokefinger ante (150)
    Player Diglett ante (150)
    Player Skrillazilla ante (150)
    Player Duffman007 ante (150)
    Player horse62278 ante (150)
    Player brokefinger has small blind (750)
    Player Diglett has big blind (1500)
    Player brokefinger received a card.
    Player brokefinger received a card.
    Player Diglett received a card.
    Player Diglett received a card.
    Player Skrillazilla received a card.
    Player Skrillazilla received a card.
    Player Duffman007 received a card.
    Player Duffman007 received a card.
    Player horse62278 received card: [Kc]
    Player horse62278 received card: [As]
    Player Skrillazilla folds
    Player Duffman007 folds
    Player horse62278 raises (4500)
    Player brokefinger folds
    Player Diglett raises (8700)
    Player horse62278 allin (63582)
    Player Diglett calls (57882)
    *** FLOP ***: [7c 5c 6s]
    *** TURN ***: [7c 5c 6s] [2h]
    *** RIVER ***: [7c 5c 6s 2h] [9c]
    ------ Summary ------
    Pot: 137664. Rake 0
    Board: [7c 5c 6s 2h 9c]
    *Player Diglett shows: One pair of As [Ac Ah]. Bets: 68232. Collects: 137664. Wins: 69432.
    Player Skrillazilla does not show cards.Bets: 150. Collects: 0. Loses: 150.
    Player Duffman007 does not show cards.Bets: 150. Collects: 0. Loses: 150.
    Player horse62278 shows: High card A [Kc As]. Bets: 68232. Collects: 0. Loses: 68232.
    Player brokefinger does not show cards.Bets: 900. Collects: 0. Loses: 900.
    Game ended at: 2013/10/7 21:22:21

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    Like I said, there would have to be some serious ICM considerations for me to consider folding. If the villain is running stats that are something like a Vpip of 15 and a 3bet FR of 2-4%, then you could consider folding. You said that he was a decent reg, and that you should have. " known better" Because of the fact that he is a competent reg, we can expect him to 3bet hands from the SB that our AK has crushed. Because of stack sizes being relatively deep, we can assume he has a tighter range than say if stacks were effectively 15-20bbs. If you think a competent reg is not 3betting you there with a range that doesn't include KQ/KJ/K10dd + A9, you are crazy. You get 0 credit for opening the button when it is folded to you. Even if you open with a frequency of 30% from the button in unopened pots. I suppose I prefer a fold over a flat call of the 3bet, but flat calling AK OTB in that sot given stack sizes is pretty bad as well. You ran into the top of his range. Even if he has KK, you have 30% equity, and the money invested already pushes the % even closer in your favor. If regs in that $22 mtt heard you talk about that hand like you are now, they would be licking their chops. Obviously you did some things right to get that far, but that HH you posted and your discussion of it in main chat, illustrates a major flaw in your game theory. It is all about ranges Tommy. I asked you earlier about whether you would rahter have AK or JJ in a 3bet pot and 18bbs, to drive home a point abpout ranges, and you said with either JJ or AK you were folding to a 3bet w/0 some serious reason to the contrary. That is even worse than the AK hand, and I am trying to be nice. I obviously have some big leaks in my game, so don't think I am professing to be a know it all. I am just trying to help. It's going to be very difficult to make $$$ in poker, if we are folding either AK or JJ to a 3bet with 18bbs. It is also going to be tough to win when we open the button with AK, and either call or fold to a 3bet. Sorry for the ramblings, but it is late
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    Theres no way to put bb on AA you could have thought he thought u were stealing. Now if that had been me with AA you can bet the AK would have found a way to win LOL just my luck with online poker. but after he repops you, you have to think some. its definitely not a insta shove here preflop.. Flatting would be best so you can possibly get away from that hand cause even 22 has you beat. if you dont flop anything then its a easy fold. Low buyins i understand just shoving AK(well not really) like that but 20 buy in online is like a 100 buyin live play wise. your still going to have those who dont value money at all.
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