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    Response to billyjustin's challenge: my donk outs for the day

    In a previous post "Donk Poker at its finest" - which was NOT a bad beat story btw - billy justin issued an interesting challenge. Post bad beat you put on other players. In interest of fair play and learning from our mistakes, here are my suck outs for the day.

    Comments, critiques and just plain name calling are all welcome. But in all seriousness, I would like feedback on how you think I played these hand - good, bad or full-blown donk style. Like everyone else on this board I'm trying to improve my game.

    First the four hands were over 3 games (357 hands) and 4 suck-outs isn't too outrageous (at least I hope not). Plus I more than willing to admit, I was fortunate enough to win all 3 games in large part due to these suck-outs.

    Hand 1: KK(me) vs 78 suited(villain)

    KK vs 78.jpg

    It's the early stages of the sng with blinds at 10/20 and 10 handed. Villain is utg +1 with 78 of diamonds and open limps followed by a 2nd limper. I wake up with KK in late middle position and want to narrow the field so I raise to 90. (Note: feedback pls on the bet sizing). I don't want to shove cause I actually want action but I hate taking big pairs into multi-way pots. I also don't want to build too large a pot pre-flop in case I need or want to get away from the hand.

    After my raise, it's gets folded back around to villain who calls as well as the 2nd limper. So KK in position in 3 way pot - now at 300. Just as a side note, most of the time I raise a limper in early position and get called I usually put them on either a weak Ace, small to medium pair or suited connectors.

    Flop is 843 with two clubs. The flop isn't horrendous for KK but is very draw heavy. It's get checked to me and I bet 110 into a pot of 300 to see where I stand (again pls suggestion/comments on bet sizing. The reason I choose 1/3 pot was twofold 1. i think 1/3 pot-sized bet will accomplish the same thing as a half-pot and 2. This leaves me with 30+ bb behind which allows me the option to fold and not be in desperation mode). Villain with TP and gut-shot flats and 2nd limper folds. When villain check-calls, alarm bells start going off in my head and I think I may be in trouble.

    Turn is 7 of clubs which completes both a flush draw and straight draw and to make things worse the guy leads out by shoving all-in (750 into 520). At this point I think he's made his flush (a straight would prob. just check-call there). So I'm thinking the 5% chance of a K on the river is no good but I'm holding the K of clubs with four clubs on board so there is chance my 2nd nut flush draw is still good so I still have 20% equity (at least I'm hoping). I tank using the allotted time bank before saying to myself screw-it, I'm getting close to 2:1 and make the call. He flips his two pair over and of course this being carbon poker, the miracle club hits on the river and I donk out to take down the pot.

    Hand 2: Qd8c (me) vs. 10d7d (villain)

    q high flush.jpg

    7 handed - Blinds 15/30 in the sb with Qd8c. 3 limpers ahead of me and I call the extra 15 with pot odds of 9:1. Flop is A 6 5 all diamonds. Again I have the 2nd nut flush draw. I check hoping to get a free card. Villain utg with a made flush makes pot sized bets of 150.

    Folded back to me. I'm thinking the odds of flopping a flush is 118:1 so likely villain doesn't have it (wrong!). I think maybe they are trying to protect an ace with a pot sized bet. So my plan is to semi-bluff by shoving hoping to get an ace or any draws to lay down. Also I know it's stupid but had the "gut" feeling another diamond was going to peel off (let the name calling begin).

    Turn K of diamonds, giving me the nut flush. Donk out number 2 of the day.

    Hand 3: AhQh (me) vs. AsKs (villain)

    AQ vs AK.jpg

    3 handed - blinds 150/300. All three player are close in chip stacks and I'm on the button with AQ of heart. While I know AQ is far from the nuts - 3 handed it's a strong holding and I really just wanted to steal the blinds so I open shoved. SB folds and get insta-called by the BB with AK of spades. He flops his K along with a J and I'm already saying "good game" and "good luck" to the two players. I forgot this was carbon poker and the miracle 10 hits on the river for boardway.

    This is where I really would like some feedback. 3 handed and close chip stacks, I'm trying to be aggressive and steal blinds. While AQ has decent pre-flop equity did I destroy it by shoving? Should I have raised 2.5x and played in position? Thoughts/ideas?

    Hand 4: Kd10s (me) vs JhJd (villain)

    K10 vs JJ.jpg

    Same situation as above but different game. 3 handed blinds 150/300. 2 even chips and one short stack. I had been picking up a lot of premium hands short handed and was shoving with them to put pressure on people. I was also showing the hands so they could see I wasn't shoving light (most of the time that is).

    Again I'm on the button and I have K10 off. Not premium but a decent hand 3-way. So I shove hoping to pick-up the blinds. Poor soul in BB wakes up with JJ and calls. I hit my 3-outer on the flop and take down the the pot.

    I know I over played this hand and got lucky. Any suggestions on how to play it better would be greatly appreciated.

    Hand 5: The nit I am!

    Last but not least, not a bad-beat but I am always saying what a nit I am. Here's the proof. While not the biggest lay-down I've ever made - it hurt to lay down a set of 6s. It took all of two seconds to let this one go on a board of 4 to a straight. If the guy is good enough to bluff me out of position in that spot then he deserves to win the pot.

    set laydown.jpg

    So let the naming calling commence!
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    lol, i just seen something about my name in a thread and had to look, I love it, i have to run but i am gonna have to look through this now, the fact that you even did some bad beats on others and owned it is awesome, it sucks, but it is awesome. I will post again when i read this in a little while.

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    ok, these actually aren't so bad Was hoping for hyper aggressive donk stuff, but what i see here is pretty good play, The first hand i think you did just right, i would have bet sized a little different, but the fact you recognized and understood the reasons for your raises and sizes speaks volumes, cause fact is, most don't really know why they raise except they heard they were supposed to a certain amount. The 3rd hand with AQ, that is hairy, on the button with suited AQ, a shove there is tough, but so is raising missing the flop and getting bullied out of a hand, I sometimes shove there as well, sometimes i limp sometimes if a raise there, i will fold. But I do not think what you did is donkish at all, now that other hand trying to "FEEL" the diamond hitting, that is funny. Most of my game is off feel and this is why i raise sometimes in position with 73o knowing i am up against QQ or AK, so, even though you willed the diamond, you were the aggressor, and aggressor's get paid off in this merge game. Yeah, hands weren't as bad as i was hoping, but oh well.

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