I find that I am profiting a lot, like an uncanny amount, from multi-tabling 30-40+ tables of the $.11 hyperturbo 6-max sit and goes on Carbon. There are a ton of fish and easy money to be won, despite the big swings. The thing is though, when I step up to the next level of $1.06 ones, I start breaking even at best. I feel like I have a good grip of how to approach these tournaments, but I consistently see people grinding 20-30 $5-$20 tables, so I know there is money to be made past the position game, and likely things I am missing.

Any strategy related, or unique ways to approach these rather simplistic tournaments? Keep in mind, I'm interested in multitable long term payouts, not on focusing on single table play. I realize how big of swings these tournaments have and I am willing to take that gamble just based on how many hundred dollars I've managed to rake in at simple penny tables.