PokerOwned Complete Guide for Beginners
Welcome! Are you new? I hope you are! If not, feel free to read along as if you were!

I have compiled as much things taught and learned during my time here at PokerOwned into completing offers.
I'm here today to share you the very same tactics I use in completing them.

Below are a list of steps necessary to learn in order for you to have a better understanding on how this site works.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on here but most if not all of the guides will be explained thoroughly.


1. The Basics
2. Getting Started
-a. How do I clear cookies

1. Offer Descriptions
-a. Opting-in (Wikipedia)
2. Credit Prevention

Useful Tools
1. Mozilla Firefox + Addons
2. Address Verification System

Earning Points
1. How to earn points


1. I did a Survey and didn't get the points
2. User Submitted Tips
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