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    Team PO Pro sickread23's Avatar
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    Apr 2012

    Playing a few of these $1 turbo PLO8 games. pushed a thinish edge....... So gross.

    countrytomato Posts SB 10.00
    sfmfatman77 Posts BB 20.00
    bullssssss Calls 20.00
    sickreadtwenty3 Calls 20.00
    royalpokerwinner Calls 20.00
    parkman2 Folds
    benspocket6 Folds
    wifragen Folds
    2ChicksClick Raised to 130.00
    countrytomato Folds
    sfmfatman77 Folds
    bullssssss Calls 110.00
    sickreadtwenty3 Raised to 570.00
    royalpokerwinner Folds
    2ChicksClick All In 1590.00
    bullssssss Folds
    sickreadtwenty3 All In 930.00
    2ChicksClick Shows Ks,3s,Kc,Ad
    sickreadtwenty3 Shows Ah,9d,Ac,8h
    sickreadtwenty3 Won 3180.00 from Pot 1 with Four of a Kind Eights
    2ChicksClick Won 220.00 from Pot 2 with Full House - Kings over Eights

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    why bother hi/lo is a game of swings
    "Take My Bankroll-Plz!"

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    It looks like you called a "shove" not pushed a thinish edge lol Good luck on the felt!
    Failing to Prepare is Preparing to fail : John Wooden

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    Feb 2011

    I love playing high low games because people try and win only 1 pot not trying too scoop
    Quote Originally Posted by maxima191 View Post
    why bother hi/lo is a game of swings

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    Feb 2013
    lot's of inexperience players play PLO8 ring games without knowing how to value their cards. i prefer NLHE, but I'll play PLO8 when confidence is low

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    geez omaha can be so unpredictable. One time I was playing omaha hi and i had two aces in my hand and the flop comes up A 9 9. I go all in against another guy who shows quad nines. It was the worst :/

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    I never like playing any game that has both high and low it is to hard to take down a big pot for yourself and not having to share with a bottom feeder

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