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    Password notification

    Looks like the password will be given out 5 minutes before the start of tourny now, rather than 10 minutes. I like it! Great idea! Keep up the good work for all those pw thieves!!!!!!

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    I agree, however, I also think it should be kept posted for at least 10-15 min. afterwards

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    I didn't allow late registration in the tourneys because people were asking for the PW in the poker client and guess what, PEOPLE WERE GIVING IT TO THEM!!!
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    yea people beg in the chat box all t he time UGH LOL

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    I agree with the five minute rule it is pretty good at limiting the thieves from entering the game and allowing loyal members a better chance at building a bankkroll without having to worry about huge field of thieves......not hard to be an active of the better forums out here in my oppion....kkeep up the good workk all at pokkerowned
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    Hi all Been out of town for New yeaR, hOPE ALL IS WELL IN 2011 FOR ALL WITH MONSTER HANDS. I LIKE THE FIVE MINUTE NEW PASSWORD RULE...IT SHOULD HELP...but as members we should also NOT give out the password come on this is a good forum that our Admin is trying to make better and each and everyone of us should help it's for our benefit and I can say I am becoming a better player because of it...well, if I play today I'm pushing to place keep my percentage up been there 2out of 3 I've played and hungry for that first place Good luck all and keep the damn password to yourself. HAPPY NEW YEAR

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