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    Man I'm pissed off...saw a 1000 pt LLB with Bsalz the donkey himself and no one in with 2 minute until tournament starts. def bout to double up my 1k and freakin daytradin jumps in right b4 tourney starts. I am at Bsalz table and jump in early big pots with him. He manages to get it all in within a few hands on 7 Q 7 holding QJ and donk Brian has actually has a hand 7 8...but bsalz hits the Q on the turn like always. After doubling to
    4k Bsalz finds himself out of the tournament 5 or 6 hands later. Shortly thereafter I manage to get AA with blinds still at 10/20 into a 3 way pot with just over 1100 in the middle with a starting stack of 1500 and get snapped off playing my hand straightforward. SO Daytradin inherits my "guaranteed" LLB pts...

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    Well the new system of LLBs has turned out to be WAY harder than taking someone on HU. I was in a 5 way LLB with the last of my PO points and when i got to the final table i get seated next to the BIMBOT3000 the last man left, with lke 6k and i was working the short stack so i figured it was a good oppurtunity for me to take some pots from him in position and it was for a while as i managed to pull ahead of him a little, But then i get dealt KK on the button and the under the gun guy pushes me all in so i have to call, he shows AK, A on the flop, and im out and on point welfare.. can i fold KK there?

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    nope not unless ur sure he has AA, got to love them 3 freakin outers onm carbon . it seems they are favored for sure
    Failing to Prepare is Preparing to fail : John Wooden

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    i like it but havent used it yet but tripling your pts up

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    What can you say,,,it's the nature of the beast.....

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    I like this new system for the LLBs. It is much harder thou. and yes i have too lost all my points from the new system. LOL time to hit some surveys and hope and pray they work for me today.

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    that's funny it happens... bsalz rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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