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    Here is a SS of 4 players on Merge. 2 of them are higher volume grinders, while the other 2 are just plain sickos.
    So sick.jpg

    I like to rail players occasionally... I have seen players/heard other players call MarkDube... now MarkusVonDube a total clown. Kinda crazy because he was up over 120k last year on Merge alone, and the #1 ranked USA player. 1Troy1 is also not all that great. Don't get me wrong.... he is a h3lluva lot better than me, but far far from the best, and he cleared 100k+ last year from mtts. The other 2 guys are super sickos.... barely any volume and lots of 4 fig scores. These guys would have 3 times the earnings of Dube or Troy if they put in that volume. Just looking @ that, it is very inspiring. Troy and Dube are "meh" players according to some of their peers, yet they are 10x's better than any of us. Kinda shows how silly it is to talk about games not being beatable. Poker is so complex... I think it just goes to show how much more we could improve our games.

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    railings fun and educational when used right, watching a lot of online live events are like free hundreds of dollars lessons if used correctly. True fans and players love to watch poker! whether playing or not...

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    That is inspiring. I have considered reading some of the poker books. But which ones. There are a lot of mediocre poker players out there that have written books. I remember sitting at a 50c/1 table down the road from the rio with a guy who busted out of the wsop main event early. He was trying to peddle his book at the table. I stole a pot from him than raped him with kings while he was trying to be aggressive the very next hand. When I left I think he had rebought once already and was slightly down. I didn't buy his book.

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