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    The monthly leaderboard tourney

    Hey zab and fellow po members, i have a new idea to make po even more fun and maybe bring in new members zab with this promo.. Can we have a monthly po leaderboard tourney for say 50 or 100 fw..all participants that make the leaderboard are eligilbe for this each can also have the tourney private with those names as well..i believe it will be 20 peeps each month..we will still have to put in the 290 for 50 or 580 for 100 if the eligible player would like to play..Can i get some feedback on this promo idea..this will bring more people to play more tournies and maybe new members for more revenue..

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    good idea, i like it... of course, i'll never be on the leader board, but it sounds like a fun idea!

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    Ya I have kicked around this idea.. Either this or a tournament of champions (If you won a tourney you get an invite).

    The problem is always Carbon.. I'll see what they say and if we can finally do some like this
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    Yeah, I guess this idea is already discussed. Would be great !

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