Hey everyone, I'm looking to play some MTT's on pdc. I dont have a lot of money on my account (just slowly trying to build it up). But I wanted to play in a decently big MTT if someone wants to stake. Ive never deposited but used to play a lot of mtt's before I cashed out most of my money and lost the small amount I had left.

I feel like I can play MTT's well and wanted a shot to make a good bankroll. I want to play a good value tournament thats not a rebuy/addon and has a deep structure. I would love to take a shot in the $11 - Sunday 15k gtd but anything smaller with a good structure will work. I can transfer on PDC and if anyone is willing to do it, ud get 50% of winnings. If I lose, you'll prolly hate me for life lol. I dont expect anyone to do it but its worth a shot if you feel like staking someone.

If you're interested, please PM me. If not, please don't reply to this thread. Thank you.