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    Looker for a staker in to MTT's Im a proven mtt monster

    Ive posted partial stats of m poker stars stats from years agon, and Im currently looking for someone who likes to gamble. But understands poker and can put some of that gambling money towoards me at lock or carbon, so i can rip up some mtt's for us.

    This is a partial pokerstars stats. i Was plaing start in 2004 2005 and 2003 but OPR doesnt go back that far
    NO1ISBETTER Poker Results and Statistics - Official Poker Rankings

    Also for FTP if anyone could bring back stats from 2003 and 2004 i have a couple 10k plus wins on there in 50 dollars buy ins and special. I did my monster wins in 2004 at ftp. At least profitled 22k.Large cashes

    No1isbetter is my sharcscope

    Sharkscope doesnt go back that far either cuz i dominated Sng and ps and ftp. . i believe ss goes back to just prior to black friday.

    So if i manage to find complete stats i will post along with this.

    Anyways anyone that wants to back me into MTT or SNG . mtts are better for your value, i have a hi itm prct.

    PM ME and we can talk details. Or just leave a post here saying ur insterested.. im off to work talk ya latttaaaz
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