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    The life of the poor US micro player.

    Like everyone else, I'm one of those players that constantly thinks of the good ole days before black friday. Well, before BF I had tried out quite a few sites, PS, FT, carbon, cake, bodog, with *gasp* real money deposits, and I decided that Poker Stars was by far the best, and I settled in, and was really starting to make progress on my game when the DOJ swooped in and ruined it all. I still remember how excited I was about the freerolls I had won entries into that I was planning on playing in that weekend. I was even getting close to making my first withdrawal....

    Well after BF, my options were limited. I was still able to make deposits on Cake, so even though I don't like Cake, I would play there. And then I stopped being able to deposit there. Then came what seemed to be the final blow to ever playing poker again.... I got a mac last year.

    I quickly played through my very small cake bankroll, so I could finally be done with my absolutely horrible HP, and then went to see what my options were for mac software. And those 2 options were Bet Online and Carbon. Bet Online seemed amazing with their freerolls going all the time and they were fairly easy to cash in, but then I started reading the reviews and realized it just wasn't worth my time. Carbon was fun, but playing only their freerolls meant I only had 1-2 chances a day against several thousand people to ever scratch up a bankroll again. That's when things finally started turning around last month.

    I was looking at the restricted freerolls and saw all of the PO FRs. Within a couple weeks I managed to cash in a tourney for $8. I finally had a bankroll again!! Then, yesterday, I discovered the Hero skin for merge. $1 SNG freerolls around the clock!! Also, highly beatable to scratch out a small BR. I've already got $1.25 there!! And then came the true light at the end of the tunnel. In my spam folder was an email from Bovada saying they had deposited $50 into my account to play with until Oct. 19th. I was debating on pulling out the ole HP to play with my new money, but decided to do a quick check, and low and behold, Bovada came out with a mac client a couple months ago!!! I'm rich!!! And I can play em all on one laptop!!!!

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    Cool story. I too remember pokerstars. Best site. Period. Carbon poker should take some advice from pokerstars and add 10 cent 360 player sngs. Those were fun to play.

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    Well I hope you play the hell outta that money and make some more!

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    yes at pokerstars ar many freerolls,50,25,10,2 cents sng and tournaments 10 cent enter a site for ererybody poor or rich

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    good for you i too am a micro/freerooler trying to become rich, lol bovada sent me $20 i doubt ill use it. is mac that much different? gl sir in your poker life

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    Was you already a member of bovada? or did they just send you that out of the blue or after you singed up?
    Failing to Prepare is Preparing to fail : John Wooden

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    Gl bro. Keep on grinding out that cash!

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    I hope that the game is so enjoyable )

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    It's nice to hear you love our PO FR, hope you play more and enjoy it.

    Nice story before black friday is fun.
    PS have always been favorite since many think FTP is the best.
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    nice story, glad you found some options to play, especially this great forum here

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