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    Know Any Chip Tricks?

    Online poker is nice, but you can't beat manipulating a nice high quality set of chips in live play. I'm pretty accomplished at shuffling with larger stacks, but that's the only chip trick I know. I'd love to learn some new ones. What chip tricks do you guys know?

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    i can backspin a chip there is video somewhere out there i still cant shuffle worth crap
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    I know how to make them vanish into thin air

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    I know a good one.. When you sit down and play against me, I make all your chips appear in front of me
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    this is very usefull for my life ..........

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    I can take a 10 High Stack of chips, And take one chip and Bounce it on any table on top of the 10 high stack.

    Had a bet in live game other day if i could do it 5 times in a row for 10$. Did it. BOoM. duno if its a trick but i made 10 $ off it lol

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    I know how to make them vanish into thin air... very good
    is absolutly perfect...

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    I only know how to shuffle. I am trying to learn others, I just enjoy doing something with my hands

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    You all beat me to the joke.

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    I don't any tircks of that kind but, i'm gonna learn some real soon.

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