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    Just an observation

    I find this site a great source of social behavior study, As Zab has grown this

    community, I have seen many of the same

    behaviors in here, as I have in every day life. Rules in general are hard to make

    concrete to please all, and as we know,

    the world is full of opportunists, some have moral intentions and some are looking to

    get something at the cost of others.

    Zabs rule has always been formed around the protection of the whole picture. Rules

    change, as different ways are found to weaken the whole picture.

    Confiscating MPETIT's Back 2 Back winnings and paying debts, that he bragged about never having to pay,

    Is a HUGE show of strength and very much appreciated. By the way, I have never

    borrowed or been a lender, so i have no axe to grind.

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    I think that this is a nice observation that you have here. I really hope that everything would work out very well in order to make things work out in the long run. Thanks for this one!
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