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    JJ out of position

    JJ out of position Raises all in and you have AK call would cost you 3/4 or fold ?

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    If he raised allin, obviously position is now meaningless as there is no more betting from him capable . Obviously, you also called to find out his hand and got beat, and are now looking for advice. A lot of different factors would play into this, such as his playing style previously, the blind/antes, how close to the money you are, etc. With what you have put in this thread, you cant get an accurate answer. AK is the BEST DRAWING HAND in HE, and it's a drawing hand because even a lowly 22 beats it if it doesn't improve. Fill in the details, and perhaps I can give you more analysis.

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    If it's start of tourney no, if the blinds are a little higher and I'm suited I will call.

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    It probably depends on where in the tournament it is and how big my stack is in relation to the blinds. Early in a tourny I fold; later if I'm starting to get low I'll call.

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