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Thread: JJ

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    I was playing in the freeroll and was dealt JJ the flop cam 10 4 3 with two clubs I led out on the flop only to get check raised at which point I shoved only to find out he was holding 1010 for a set how would you guys play an over pair to the board when check raised on the flop

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    Always be very cautious when check raised on a weak board. I guess if it was a buyin it would be an easy fold. got to love how 2 and 3 outers are the NUTZ online lmfao
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    It's hard to say in those situations. I often shove once the flop is lower than my pocket pair....but of coarse someone can always have a set like in your scenario. It's a gamble either way.

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    play them like any other big pair....just be carefull of the donks playing random k/a/q

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    would have put him on a flush draw and done the same depending on the length of the tourney and how long you were playing that opponent. better luck next time.

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    For me i am not sure if it's all in my head or what but JJ seems like it gets beat more than any other pair i play. I have spoken to a few others who say they fold em every time they get them, but i'm not so sure about that.
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    sometimes i raise, something i call, sometimes i fold. JJ is a tough hand to play because there's no right answer.

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    Tough hand to walk away from given the flop, but the check raise would likely send me to the sidelines unless I had a read that the raiser was a maniacal bluffer.

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    not a fan oj JJ tough hand to fold and seems like they lose more often than not

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    Check raised on the flop like that is always a difficult position to predict! I would either fold immediately or call and show strength on the turn to see how they react. Other than that you just got put into a bad spot that you normally would win.

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