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    if you ould play heads up with any pro, who would it be?

    Mine would be hellmuth, i want to be one of the people he calls idiots lol
    Bosco - Boston, MA-


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bosco781 View Post
    Mine would be hellmuth, i want to be one of the people he calls idiots lol
    Yeah, Helmuth would be on my list for the same reason. But I'd like to play Negreanu - he's just such a good guy and he's a riot at the table.

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    durrrr no doubt

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    It would be Negraneau.. I like to laugh while I'm gettin taken.

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    Negraneau would definitely be the pro player I would like to play heads up... I think it would be a blast...

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    Daniel Negranue best
    Play vs him is what i would like to

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    I would like to go heads up with Ivy. It would be a great battle.

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    Pretty hard choice, but #1 would be Stu Ungar, deceased. He was a tortured soul, but he and Chip Reese, recently deceased, are probably on the Mt. Rushmore of poker players. Living players would be Johnny Chan or Doyle Brunson; both of whom would probably be the other two faces on the Mr. Rushmore of poker.

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    Played with a lot of these guys....and for those wanting to play with Hellmuth, puhhhh, you would find it a wasted venture. He is just a plain asshole who has made a ton of money and does not appreciate where it came from. It is no fun to be at a table with him, he is a spoiled POS, especially when he loses. IMO you would be way better off with a host of other great players, who are also funny or at least interesting to play with. DN is one of the best, as he is always jovial just like TV. Hellmuth is just a whinning P Boy whenever I have encountered him.

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    Phil "hell mouth", so i could out asshole him and really piss him off, he sucks

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