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    i just thought was intereseting....

    Howard Lederer Vegas Home Worth $2.9 Million
    . The mansion purchased by Full Tilt Poker bigwig pro rep Howard Lederer is a rare commodity in Las Vegas these days. It actually went up in value since being purchased last year.

    The total taxable income for 2012 is listed at $2908323 compared to $2591983 last year.

    The Summerlin Village 18 parcel lot has 0.43 Acres, 5 bedrooms and 5 ˝ bathrooms along with 8892 of living space.

    Lederer hasn’t been heard from since the company he works for (and reportedly held shares in) was indicted last month.

    At the time of the sale, Lederer seemed to care little about a pending grand jury investigation into Full Tilt.

    Appearing at a Washington, D.C. charity poker event, the Philadelphia Inquirer noted that Lederer maintained his poker face throughout, despite the rumored investigation.

    (scroll down for more)


    From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

    Such an association, regardless of how fuzzy, would tend to make most folks nervous, but Lederer - known as "The Professor" for his cerebral approach to card-playing - was relaxed, smiling and posing for photos with fans at the Hyatt Regency in D.C.

    "I can't comment on something that I don't even know exists," Lederer said of the grand jury whispers.

    Lederer has yet to be named in any indictments.

    Full Tilt Poker founder Raymond Bitar, on the other hand, has been.

    Of the three companies and individuals charged April 15, approximately half the bank accounts seized were those belonging to Bitar.

    Interpol is currently hunting down Bitar and other “at large” defendants.

    OH this had PICS along with article too,, but they didnt copy here tho sooory.

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    He looks/acts like a robot.

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    He only wins a lot of money because of FT, cause his tournaments winnings is around 3 million and he is always the worst player on the high stakes tables.

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    He's the professer but he gets schooled by Durr and Biffer all the time..

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    Quote Originally Posted by panthers63 View Post
    He's the professer but he gets schooled by Durr and Biffer all the time..
    IDK---call me low-brow, btu I hate the way he looks. He looks like this:

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    Very interesting article. I wish the government would mind it's own business as to people playing poker.

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    Well rrickir it's very simple to posts the picture thought, what is the article links website?
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