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    How should i have played this

    I've been thinking about this hand for some reason for the past couple days now. I suppose i should have played it differently.

    500 or 1k gtd. on bovada. fairly late, roughly 42 players left and ~26 players paid. avg stack was about 7k tournament wide. i was sitting on 5800, and im pretty sure blinds were at 150 / 300.

    8 players at the table. i hadn't played a hand for 20-30 minutes. 2 big stacks at the table were about 13k and everyone else around 3-4k. Big stacks were playing very aggressively.

    I had both big stacks to my left with short stack in between.

    i get delt 9 9 in position behind button, big stacks are sb and bb. one donk limps and it folds to me. i shove my 9's and bb happens to have a a and proceeds to kick my face in. keep in mind that if i would have limped or raised x2.5 i can almost guarantee one of the big stacks would have reraised me, based on how they were playing. So i don't know, maybe i should have just put the 9's down. maybe i should have attempted to limp and called the reraise, but if it would have been all undercards that hit the table he'd have probably gotten my chips in this scenario anyways. so ya, what was my best move here.


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    just ship it! if you had under 15bb nothing you can do

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    i particularly dont see 99 as a strong hand to shove that deep against two agressive players..u might have expected a call even if they had weaker hands than AA..i would prolly only shove JJ or higher hand there..u really got unlucky

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    I think you know and knew when it played out. Is 99 really a good shove against two big stacks? and they didnt get them stacks by not getting lucky or better hand a couple times. If anyone calls you pretty much know your beat. I see no reason for a raise here, limp and fold if it gets raised. right now isnt the time to take a stand with middle pairs that low and blinds at 150 300. Some situations its a good play but just not in this one Gl next time
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    You should play it the wau you do to win money and bink lots of tounreys so you can win lots of monet to your account and bankroll

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    go with the gut, either ship or fold though soundz like
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    are there still free rolls on this site>?
    trying to get rid or my points but everything has changed

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    I agree with the way you played it. nothing you can do, its poker.

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    Play your cards the way you want to play them. Don't worry too much about it. If you don't like the game, don't like the game.

    have a good summer,

    James igor23

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