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    How to play KK or AA?

    Hi guys and girls,

    I was wonder what's the best way to play a KK or AA, to get max chips in the hand?

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    i think its better to protect your hand rather than trying to have as many chips as possible . i see limpers with AA losing to sets , KKs ALL IN pre flop losing a lot more than it shoold be according to the statistic rules .
    Go AA all in pre flop with two , not more players . avod all in with KKs . make a very big bet with KKs and go all in in the flop if there are not ACES if there is straight or flush draw , if its dry flop make a very big bet ,dont stop beting, you could give the other a set on turn/river ,an A or sth else , make him pay or fold. . all in with KKs pre flop for me is dangerous , see how the cards repeat, if aces appear too often on the flop or not,which player position on the table is rigged and BE CAREFULL. My AA have lost many times to these players on ZOOM, hyper turbo games and many others . if you want to play AA no all in, then bet heavily pre and post flop . you have only one pair, nth more , dont forget,
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    Hey there is a difference in which kind of tournament u get this hand. in a freeroll, where the most players are very loose, u should have to raise big preflop, because protecting doesnt make sense. Most players call there very many hands and the danger that weak hands get a good board and get stronger then u is too big. In smaller SNGs and with enough knowledge about ur opponents it could make sense, to play KK or AA slow.

    Well there a so many ways of playing these cards, because there are so many kind of situations. But u find good strategie articles in the internet, they may help u

    good luck at the tables
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    a mi parecer es mejor el par AA

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    Hi everybody!!!! i agree about protect your hand, but you have to be carefull playing KK if the flop shows up something that could be dangerous you have to control the pot. I preffer to go all in preflop but it depends if i am playing a MTT or cash.

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    play it nasty sow you can get more out it no murcy for people raise the pot ore more then the pot itts sow you can win more then you must want

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    It depends on if you're playing a cash game or a tournament. In a tournament if i'm dealt AA or KK I will almost always try to get as muc i pot pre flop/ shove if possible. you can only get as many chip with AA or KK very aggressive style pre flop and hope your opponent has QQ or KK if you have AA.
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