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    How NOT to play AK in position

    As many of you have seen I've posted a lot of hands where I thought other people have made some questionable plays and posted my criticisms of those plays. Now it's time to turn the mirror on myself and post a horrible hand I was involved with. I hope this helps others out there on how NOT to play AK.


    utg: cards unknown (starting stack: 1275)
    utg + 1: Q 10 of spades (starting stack: 1000)
    cutoff(me): AK off (stating stack: 1330)
    sb: cards unknown (starting stack: 1360)

    blinds 5/10. utg and utg + 1 limp into the pot. I am in the hijack position with AK off and raise to 75 (i.e. 7.5x BB). SB calls as well as utg and utg + 1 limpers. AK in a 4-way pot is NOT good way to start the hand. AK HUs vs a random hand is about a 60-65% favorite. Against 3 other players, the equity drops to ~40%.

    Mistake number one: misunderstanding of table dynamic and bet sizing.

    Table dynamics: Being a micro-game and early stages people do not fold to pre-flop raises unless it is substantial. I actually know this but failed to act on it.

    Bet sizing: Even a 7.5x bb raise at this point of the game is not enough to get people to fold. I should have either made the raise 100-130 or limped if I didn't want to commit to the hand.

    Flop is A 10 Q with two clubs. Pot stands at 310 after my pre-flop raise and 3 callers. All 3 players check to me. I bet the pot - 310 (leaving behind 945). SB and utg fold and utg + 1 shoves 925 into a pot of 620.

    Mistake number two: Again bet sizing and not taking into consideration stack sizes of all the players, including myself.

    Bet sizing: 1/2 to 2/3 (150 to 225) of the pot would have accomplished the same thing as a pot sized bet. Seeing where I stand and not giving odds for someone to draw out on me.

    Stack sizes: A 1/2 to 2/3 sized bet would also have left me with 1000+ behind at over 100 BBs. In addition, 310 would have left utg + 1 with 615 behind (just one pot sized bet) with a turn and river to still come. In another words, if he calls 310 in this spot he's essentially committing himself to the hand.

    When he shoves - I'm 90% certain I'm behind but I'm getting 2.5:1 to make the call. My best guess is that he has a straight which means I only drawing to a chop or 2 pair which means I have 10 outs. I figure I got myself into the mess I might as well commit.

    Mistake number three: Fold-equity. I actually do have fold equity here. I still have 945 behind (i.e. 95 bb this lvl and 40+ next lvl). If I truly think I'm behind and am only drawing to a chop, then I need to fold! Just because I made some bad decisions earlier in the hand I should not compound it by making a call that I feel is wrong.

    Am I rational - of course not. I make the call and actually have 10 outs as he only has 2 pair. But at last, I'm punished for playing AK like an idiot and don't get there by the river and lose the hand.

    Lessons learned:

    1) Do not get AK blindness and never get married to a hand

    2) TP/TK is NOT the nuts - a lesson I seem to forget all too often

    3) Always be aware of your stack size and opponents stack size in relation to the bet/pot

    4) Understand fold equity

    5) Don't let emotion/frustration get in the way of making the right decision

    Hope this helps someone out there not make the same mistake.

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    You also forgot to mention that if you have AA and are playing on the Merge network,your best bet is to fold them. It is utterly disgusting how many people I see get whacked with that hand no matter how they play them. Slow play gets you beat on 5th street and all in pre or flop gets you donked.

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    I've lost a few times with AA . Seem to hit 2 pair on the river everytime.

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    interesting read for sure, tx for the info, i like ak spades as my fav hand, win alot with it

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    i always have guest that certain tournaments, at least in pokerstars, are should be very difficult win AA and I have lost lot of times as well with them (one vs one)....what do u think

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